August, 2016


Marketers ruin everything. Believe me, I am kind of that guy. Who ruins everything. Mr. A had a plan, and he told Mr. B about the plan. Here comes me, I started doing random things. I started pitching to the wrong people, made a new Facebook page, removed every strategy Mr. A and B had. And here we are, down to zero. Marketing ruins everything, and by everything I mean everything.

In the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street”, there is a minor motif of Leonardo DiCrapio, selling a pen. He sells it by creating a need for the pen. He asks the buyer to write something for him, where the buyer doesn’t have a pen. Sold !!

Often when it comes to a situation where selling happens, people don’t know how to sell. People don’t know the artificial need that is to be created. Even in digital marketing, the community is facing a difficult stage. From a marketing point of view, for a starter, more flooding stuff is the better option. Though, flooding useless content, is it good?

Last week while I was on my evening run, I saw a coach. Upon curiosity, I wanted to ask him about the running that gives me what I want. He explained everything and this is something that stroked me the most.

Doing it wrong is more harmful than not doing at all !!

This matters for most of the marketers in the industry these days. Starting off without the basic mentality and plan to do what is required. People are into content marketing too much. Writing junk just to generate leads. You’re in a content ocean. To stand out, be precise with your content.

Have a buyer persona

A buyer persona is something which is to be documented first before you start thinking about selling. You should plan whatever you’re trying to do based on the buyer persona. If you don’t have the clear-cut view of your buyer, make it right now. First things first.

Have a documented strategy

The human mind is like a Rubik’s cube. Changes all the time, the pattern and thinking ability. Just because of that, have your marketing strategy documented. It’ll make the team and the marketing people easier to do their job.

Have an SEO plan

SEO is something inevitable for your content, especially when you’re blogging for business. Wrong SEO will ruin your reputation among the internet spiders. Be careful with your canonical links and duplication of content. It matters a lot, trust me.

Be active on social media

Social media reflects the brand identity of your product. It’s not necessary to have an account on every platform. But when you have it, you should be active on it. Having a blank page is bad for brands.

Be on the right side when the war comes.

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