How marketers can leverage the negative bias and be good at it !!

While I was in college me and my friends used to eat at the same restaurant every morning. Shocking, but one day we had a weird experience with the restaurant. You know what, we never went back there. Till then, we would always eat at that restaurant. Imagine if you had the same experience? Would you ever go back to the same restaurant? I would never.

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Pokemon go: The new obsession

The world is going crazy over Pokémon go. This game is doing only a few games can do. Driving real world traffic, engaging people in real time and getting people off their feet. The one extraordinary business opportunity is that, the ability of the game to drive real traffic to a specific point.

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Slipstream is one clever strategy to adopt

I was a racing fan in my childhood. Especially racing games and particularly “Need for Speed“. I’d update for every version of the game, keep up with the newest of everything. Once it was my dream to work for EA as well, even though I never knew what EA did. Yeah, that level of madness !! There was the first time I came across the word slipstream. A driving tactic when a driver is able to catch the car ahead and duck in behind its rear part. That’ll benefit the trailing driver to reduce the drag over the body and air friction. And be able to achieve superior max speed to slingshot past the next corner.

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Doing it wrong is the most dangerous thing in marketing

Marketers ruin everything. Believe me, I am kind of that guy. Who ruins everything. Mr. A had a plan, and he told Mr. B about the plan. Here comes me, I started doing random things. I started pitching to the wrong people, made a new Facebook page, removed every strategy Mr. A and B had. And here we are, down to zero. Marketing ruins everything, and by everything I mean everything.

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