Disruption is happening and this is why you will have to fight your way up

Machines are talking to themselves, and planning the future? The time has changed. Billionaires rant each other over AI and robots. The world is changing to some place what we’ve only seen in sci-fi movies. The workforces being replaced by robots, the cars are driving themselves, some guy(read Elon Musk) from earth is trying to migrate to another planet and humans are wandering around searching for some Pokemon characters around the world. We’re looking up websites to find whether our job will be taken up by the machines in the future.

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This is why you shouldn’t think like a programmer

Every entrepreneur must be familiar with the basic rule of pitching an idea. There shouldn’t be any gagging of words or “I’m building the time machine of this century” quote in the first 30 seconds. Last month I got to talk to Daniel Kranzer as a part of the SAP Startup Studio program. And the first thing he started off in the conversation was this.

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Follow the basic conventions, make it easy for the USER !!

How many of us buy something new and read the entire user manual before start using it. I won’t even skim through it, I believe most of us leave it as it is. We love to do it our way. It’s human to do so because figuring out is what people do. Getting people to figure out what they want is something designers should do.

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