Serve it right, the best way is to attract using your point of view

What do you see on the cover picture of this post? In a few words? An elephant tied onto a small post, the size of the post is no match to the size of the elephant. We know it. Though, the elephant is choosing to stay there. The elephant is neither breaker of chains nor Khaleesi for sure. Or is it the fact that the elephant obeys its master? Or maybe it’s fear?

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Launch your product as early as you can. Tick tock, now or never !!

Are you a startup? Do you have a marketing team? Or a guy who handles marketing? Have you released your product yet? If not, do it now. A successful launch begins with three factors. Timing, targeting and promoting. So what determines these three? How do you find it’s the right time? You can’t unless you have a pre-launch strategy and you’re listening to the market.

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Kabali — What startups should learn from the movie

Kabali, if you’re recognizing this name you already know what I’m talking about. Breaking the collection record of Indian cinema in the last hundred years. Considered a god in South India, many critics even went on to encourage the plot of the movie. Even if was criticized in several plots it managed to become the highest opening day collection of any India film in US and Canada. Made around 14 crores INR.

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Tomorrow is blurred and inevitable

This is the digital age. Businesses are past the thought phase where they think whether to be on social media or not. Small businesses see a necessity in Google local business listings. SEO optimization is done by every single web developer in the world. Just this moment, just like a kid being born, somebody’s overtaking you.

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Customers are those who stay

Are you building something? You should provide value. Define value by anything you benefit your customers. But you should have something. Here comes a question, whether it’s possible to provide value only if you give things for free. Absolutely not, but if you ask me, giving free stuff is the easiest way to provide value.

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Stand out with your stories

The legend of Tarzan. I’ve heard it more than 100 times, this story. I’ve read it. I’ve seen it in cartoons and last week I went to see the new movie. Legend of Tarzan. The phrase itself says Legend. A story, sometimes historic and sometimes not. But still a story. But the movie was made in such a way, where it amazed me and made me believe it completely. It flashed again and again in my mind that there was someone named Tarzan who could really talk lion language and ride on wild bulls.

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