These 5 productivity hacks will help you achieve your goals way faster than you think

We at Refly always think about food. Because our data scientist is a foodie. Even he explains his problems with food. We love food and hate exercising. Last day, I chose to be away from my team for the dinner. We usually have our dinner together. And we always have to spend more time thinking than buying what we need. But when I was alone, I had a decision and I executed it. No dilemma. 

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Write effectively using these techniques

Proactive notifications are good. But not always. We live in a world where we’re filled with notifications and we have no idea how much time they’re taking from us.

Especially when you sit down to write, notifications will fall down on you as a curse. All the distractions are something that takes away your ninja mode. There’s an alternative way around. These tools will help you find your flow and stay in it.

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The five stages of every writer

Writing is a gift. Everyone will have to write something at some point. Writing is something that will get improved in time. There will always be content and people telling stories to each other. History proves the same. Stories never end.

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How to attain your ninja state aka productivity mode

The term marketing has evolved from a job description to an emotion. Recently it all comes down to content, the heart of marketing has changed from cold calls or emails to the content. Ensuring the quality and making sure you’re delivering the need of the hour is the only way to get the customers to say.

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This is what productivity means to different people around me

I had some thoughts on productivity these days. But in fact, I was unable to get to a conclusion based on my thoughts only.

Based on my inference and the research in the past days, I’ve come to a conclusion that productivity means different to everyone. Every another person has a separate concept of being productive.

At the same time, everyone is trying to get their life in the little-gray area of work life balance as well.

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These hacks will refresh your mind in 5 minutes

It’s necessary to take a break once in a while. Simple breaks with coffee and cookie might not be able to break you out of you stress zone.

An effective break will charge you up. Guess what !! you can make your 5 minutes break effectively with these techniques. Read on.

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The most common misconceptions about online writing

Ten years back, the choices were minimal and only limited knowledge. But today, with 51% of penetration by the internet into the world population, the situation has changed. The people consuming online content has increased. And the content industry is facing a boom in itself. With this boom, the quality of content consumed by the world population is a major concern.

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