Launch your product as early as you can. Tick tock, now or never !!

July, 2016


Are you a startup? Do you have a marketing team? Or a guy who handles marketing? Have you released your product yet? If not, do it now. A successful launch begins with three factors. Timing, targeting and promoting. So what determines these three? How do you find it’s the right time? You can’t unless you have a pre-launch strategy and you’re listening to the market.

If you’re an entrepreneur or a market enthusiast I’m pretty sure you know what pre launch is. The problem is most of the guys know it’s necessary. But most of them don’t make it practical. Just because they fear questions. Questions like, do you have the product yet? Where can I download it? People judging them like a fraud. This won’t get you anywhere near success.

It doesn’t matter if you’re building better algorithms than Google. Or better hardware than Apple. If you can’t reach your audience in the right time, you’re done.

Build a landing page

It doesn’t have to be a kickass design or UI. Just some random template or any other tool will do. Or you can use launch tools like launchrock. Doesn’t matter what you have, but you should have one. Explain what you’re going to build in two sentences. With a sample image or design(if you have one). That’ll do.

Build an email list

Prompt the visitors of your site to provide emails if they’re interested. So that you can pitch to them later on. Build that email list and send them an email right away. Saying you’re working hard as anyone else to give them what they want. You have my word, you’ll get more than 50% conversion from this launch strategy. Use tools like HubSpot CRM to organize this data. Or MailChimp and Sendgrid are tools that help you generate emails lists.

Or do a launch survey

Use SurveyMonkey or any other tools, reach out to your potential audience about their inputs. This’ll help you build a better product from the first release itself. Listen to influencers and marketers in your industry. Pitch perfect your launch plans.

Analyze the data you get from these tests and you’ll realize if it’s the right time, right audience and the right strategy. Just that you will have the extra confidence and work harder to the goal.

So what’s the wait? Do your thing, tick tock. Earlier the better !!

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