Learn your skills first, the most important step in hustling !!


August, 2017


The one thing I find interesting about boxing is, it’s all a mind game. Every boxing movie ever made have this trait in it. It’s all in your head. You learn to take punches and deliver them back. The most important part is, it requires patience more than anything.

Just like that, your strategies need time to work out. You have to wait, it’s not something that’ll develop and evolve itself overnight. There are shortcuts. But it might not work out at all. Taking shortcut is not the right method.

Once Elon has a goal, his next step is to learn as much about the topic at hand as possible from many sources. He learned about rocket propulsion when he started planning about SpaceX.

The thing is, if you’re building a business or selling mats door to door, you should have skills. Skills are mandatory. If you don’t have it in you, stop doing what you’re doing right now. Take some time to learn the skill. Patience and practice play it down. The skillset required is the most important thing you need. Last week I came about some article on Elon Musk and his dream to build SpaceX. Since he dreamt about building a private rocket launching company, he started gathering skills. It didn’t happen overnight. It won’t happen that way.

Be like Elon. He’s not some extraordinary species from Mars came down to earth. He’s a hardworking human being, with the passion for learning and achieving. Just like Elon, every professional will reach a stage where he/she will have to learn more. Take 20% of your time to learn. Or adopt the 5-hour rule, world’s most successful entrepreneurs do so. Use 5 hours a week for learning absolute new skills. Whatever it is that you require for your professional or personal improvement.

Learning skill is directly related to passion. The most important thing I learned from my graduation is this. I’ve been there, at the point where I wanted to quit. Fed up with the books and old syllabus haunted me. But the passion to Computers and technology held me up urged me to build my business and follow my dream. I wanted skills, I started learning step by step. Still learning.

If you ask me, can I be a billionaire by the end of the year? Yes, you can, I have another question for you, though. Do you have the skills to be a billionaire? Look into yourself, find out yourself. If you don’t have the skills, you should take the next year to learn those.

You know what, the first step always matter. Hustle !!

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