Doing it wrong is the most dangerous thing in marketing

Marketers ruin everything. Believe me, I am kind of that guy. Who ruins everything. Mr. A had a plan, and he told Mr. B about the plan. Here comes me, I started doing random things. I started pitching to the wrong people, made a new Facebook page, removed every strategy Mr. A and B had. And here we are, down to zero. Marketing ruins everything, and by everything I mean everything.

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Product is the top of the funnel

The digital technology transformation is happening and even big companies are adopting to it. Just looking at the rapid growth of companies and products, without spending a penny. It’s been a lot. Facebook to Pokemon go and Prisma now. What is that they do differently?

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Sell me on Snapchat

It’s been not so long I started using Snapchat. I love it for many reasons. Not the least, the non-automated true interactions happen there. Believe me, it’s great. I didn’t intentionally break into the Snapchat world.

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Stand out with your stories

The legend of Tarzan. I’ve heard it more than 100 times, this story. I’ve read it. I’ve seen it in cartoons and last week I went to see the new movie. Legend of Tarzan. The phrase itself says Legend. A story, sometimes historic and sometimes not. But still a story. But the movie was made in such a way, where it amazed me and made me believe it completely. It flashed again and again in my mind that there was someone named Tarzan who could really talk lion language and ride on wild bulls.

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