Pokemon go: The new obsession


July, 2016

Pokemon go

The world is going crazy over Pokémon go. This game is doing only a few games can do. Driving real world traffic, engaging people in real time and getting people off their feet. The one extraordinary business opportunity is that, the ability of the game to drive real traffic to a specific point.

It’s a pop culture phenomenon unlike anything we’ve seen before. If you live in anything like a mid city, just walk to your nearest landmark. If you don’t see a dozen people starting at their phones searching for Pokémon, you’re not in real world.

As of now, the game is simple. Just walk around, travel or go to special places and maybe you can find a jackpot. The group feature makes the game more interesting where you can play in groups.

The creator John Hanke and Niantic are not new in this industry. John Hanke has been working for google from 2004–10 and he created Keyhole in 2000 which was further bought by google and now known as Google Earth. Ingress is the game which led way to Pokémon go. As per random data, Pokémon go is already making 2 million USD per day from in app purchases. Who knows what else is coming up. The possibility for a location based addictive game to make revenue and grow are infinite.

The best thing I think backing this game being addictive is the possibility of getting out. People have to get out of their shells and comfort zones, travel to play the game. In the world of rush hours, most of us never find time to walk/travel, even for an evening walk in the park. This game makes us do so, and the craziest of our minds are accepting it.

Though it seems like it’s not a worldwide release and people in the US are making the most out of it. There are some workarounds to play it in other countries. The primary report for the app says, just for Android itself it’s beating tinder by its downloads and will beat twitter by its active users soon.

Niantic is not trying much to monetize the game in any way right now. But businesses are already binding around it. Pokewalk is something like that which has come online recently. And they’ve been getting the positive response since the launch.

It will be in no time they will find their fortunes using Pokémon go and will be billionaires overnight.

When it comes to a dash, bringing real world traffic on basis of a location, people are already building a business around Pokémon go. Pokémon go is all about this.

If you have any ideas that might disrupt the Pokémon industry right away, just don’t wait. People are already making use of the gyms and pokestops.

Go Pokemon !!

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