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July, 2016


It’s been not so long I started using Snapchat. I love it for many reasons. Not the least, the non-automated true interactions happen there. Believe me, it’s great. I didn’t intentionally break into the Snapchat world.

I knew the Snapchat app for a long time but never found any interest till the day I found the truth about it. Most of the marketing emails I receive are part of a lie, yes marketers lie a lot. I’ve seen, major brands and marketing agencies selling based on lies. Though I’m not a believer in Karma, I’d say this doesn’t work out. You know why. People will find out, and when they find out, you lost it. You lost your reputation, and the credibility you built all the way.

This is where I find Snapchat genuine. No bots, no crap, no automation. No pre-scheduled sharing. No search engine like bots. Just actual discussion and dialog. That’s what matters. When you tell it to the face of your customer yourself, they believe you. Your stories will matter to them. They admire you. And still there comes a fact, you don’t lie that easy when it comes to speaking directly.

Though Snapchat is pretty difficult for a novice user. Here’s why

  1. You have to compete with most pretty images, designs, videos etc. You’ll have to stand out. No normal content or a story told vague won’t work there.
  2. You have 10 seconds to say it all. You’re not sure listener will be waiting for the next 10 seconds. It’s like the elevator pitch. You have 10 seconds to gain the attention and make him watch the next 10 seconds. Usually, the first 6 seconds matter the most.

That’s why it’s not easy. But don’t worry, some practice and efficient execution, you’ll learn the trick.

The zero second rule states that people make subconscious judgments. When audience decide that your screen presents too much challenge, they will avoid it. It’s obvious. You can use your Snapchat filters to gain attention here.

And above all, you have to keep your shit together. You need patience and work around the old marketing techniques. Where people had billboards that weren’t clickable. Because Snapchat doesn’t have a viral growth mechanism like other media.

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