Serve it right, the best way is to attract using your point of view

August, 2016


What do you see on the cover picture of this post? In a few words? An elephant tied onto a small post, the size of the post is no match to the size of the elephant. We know it. Though, the elephant is choosing to stay there. The elephant is neither breaker of chains nor Khaleesi for sure. Or is it the fact that the elephant obeys its master? Or maybe it’s fear?

Let’s get back because I’m not trying to tell you about the elephant’s thoughts here. What I’m trying to say is that POV aka point of view matters. In fact, matters a lot. Everybody in a system should be aware of this. Because in every circumstance the point of view plays a major role, just like it did in the above image.

When it comes to content creation or marketing strategy, people always search for innovation. Or something new where the “oh !!” factor plays the lead generation role. It has become a common fact, that people need variety. Where the internet is flooded with useful and useless content 24×7, people look for ones that stand out. Every AMA, every webinar, every discussion forum I attend has this same question. How do I stand out?

Here’s the simplest form of standing out. Be unique with your point of view. Your POV decides your audience. I believe every problem in the world has a solution, already. Natural or artificial, complete or partial if there is a problem there exist a solution. So, how does it happen for startups, solving a problem where the solution already exists? Let’s take Uber as an example. There was already a solution for the commutation problem. Uber just redefined it from their POV and invented something new. But did they actually change the real infrastructure? No, absolutely not.

The same applies to content creation and strategies as well. When you find an idea to write about or create a video about googling it, you’ll find an existing one for sure. Unless you’re finding an alternative for gravity, the solution and explanation are already there. So, the one thing to stay unique is to tweak it your way. Have your own strategy for the presentation. Wrap it in colors and stories. There you go, you got it. Just like the normal food when served with napkins on a neat table cost you 100$ extra. There’s no secret sauce in it, just that the POV is different.

Has something to add to this story? Let me know in comments.

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