Taking Initiative in the first place; an analysis


April, 2016


My house and most of my immediate neighbors are a bit secluded from the rest of the neighborhood. Which makes our street perfect spot for dumping trash. Beer cans, water bottles, game waste (stupid hunters), all end up along my street line. In New England, spring is breaking out. The rampant problem with littering has once again begun. The other day, I even picked up two 6 packs right beneath my mailbox.

I send emails to the HOA secretary. What could he do?. Nothing.!. The hodgepodge just kept piling up. I walk past the shit and shake my head in despair. I did my part. Then went back to do other things. Which includes sending even more rude emails to the HOA secretary.

Yesterday, I was walking my dog. I saw a 6 ft, 300 lbs. figure walking with a tiny dog, a little bigger than a chihuahua, in front of me. It’s Mike. He lives down the street. We had exchanged pleasantries before. Our dogs have met and had made acquaintances too.

Mike and his dog always leave a chuckle on me. The disparity in the display — a grizzly man walking with a Paris Hilton dog!- is at the least cute. Adding to this ludicrous incongruity, he had two black garbage bags swell out of his left hand. He was also trawling of to the side of the road and picking stuff from the ditch. Then he would shake off the contents and places it in one of his bags.

Mike was picking up the mess!.

A glut of guilt loomed over me. I rushed to catch on to him. He emerged with an empty, and dirty, beer can from the ditch as I intersected him on the road.

“Thanks, for doing it”, I said

He shrugged it off and said,

“Well, got tired complaining, I might as well do it”

I walked past him with an intense shame. I could have tried it too. Instead, I kept whining. Our HOA is a mere and possesses no bench strength. I knew all along that somebody has to do it. I just hoped it is not me. Mike chose himself. He volunteered to jump in. He took the Initiative!

Are we good at taking initiative ?. Imagine if we can!. The World will be a tad bit better with fewer whiners.

In a few minutes, I will be heading out with the dog. 2 garbage bags folded and tucked beneath the leash is waiting at the door, to go out with me. Mike got a follower. Now we are a crowd.

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