Tomorrow is blurred and inevitable


July, 2016


This is the digital age. Businesses are past the thought phase where they think whether to be on social media or not. Small businesses see a necessity in Google local business listings. SEO optimization is done by every single web developer in the world. Just this moment, just like a kid being born, somebody’s overtaking you.

It’s that fast. What do we do to keep up with it? Especially in marketing, this is very important. Here are some things you should take care of.

Don’t ever assume, test it

If you’re not Steve Jobs or Larry Page, your customer is more clever than you. You have to think one step ahead of them. You hold the unknown factor. Don’t assume that your potential customer would buy your product. Prove that, test and prove. Don’t assume this content is useful for your audience. Do a thorough research on your audience, before you deliver. You know what, wrong marketing is deadlier than no marketing

At this moment, when you’re reading this post, a 20-year-old kid maybe inventing the next big thing.

Be agile, faster

Have you ever noticed hummingbird? They’re damn fast so that we can’t even think about what they’re gonna do next. Be like the hummingbird. Be faster than your customer. Always run ahead of them. Running ahead and assuming are not the same things. Once you realize your customer needs your product, you should reach them before anyone else. That swiftness is your Billion dollar asset. If you don’t have that, find a person who has it.

Be flexible and more flexible

At this moment, when you’re reading this post, a 20-year-old kid maybe inventing the next big thing. This might change the whole strategy you’ve planned for this year. Be ready for that. It didn’t take a decade for Facebook to build the world’s largest content factory. If it’s happening this fast right now, it’ll be faster now on. Being flexible will give you an advantage over your competitors. Have your own alternatives for everything. What if tomorrow’s generation doesn’t use mobile phones? What if Apple has something up their sleeves?

Be ready for anything that happens in the market. This is one of the most special features of the digital world. The shift happens so fast, just like Pokemon go overtook Twitter in weeks.

Old school is good, but be innovative about it

We consume tons of content every day. Why do we need it? Do we need it? Have you ever thought about it? The Internet is huge, no one can search and find the best from it. Or not so easy as said. Just take what you need from what’s available. Don’t just copy paste them. They’re information. Process it and be innovative, find the disruption point where you want to tap. Use that point and leave the rest alone. You don’t need that. Remember, time is money. Don’t waste it on junk.


A business is built on passion and dream of a person or persons. One will not have every quality required for a business. Pooling and sticking them together makes a business successful.

Has anything that you think is an addition to the story? Leave it on comments.

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