The ultimate cheat sheet on quality content


August, 2017

Content marketing

The internet has become a marketplace rather than a communication channel. Without exception, every possible business is flooding the world wide web with content. It’s inevitable to be in business and have no content strategy if you’re living in 2017. We’re in a stage where we can’t believe everything we read. Even the most trusted media has to be scrutinized before we start believing what they publish.

When it comes to an ocean of content, the strategy and quality play a huge role in what we create. This is one of the most crucial time for a prudent content writer to set the high bar and reach out for it. There’s no reason for the customer to stay with you if you’re not providing enough value. Wherever it may, the quality matters so in content as well.

Some things are inevitable when it comes to quality, here’s your cheat sheet for quality content:

1. Let your keyboard stay until you have a clear idea on what to write

For every writer, the best companion should be a notebook and pen. Though online content is a trend these days, the old school never dies. Sit down with a pen and paper, let your thoughts flow down to your hands. Don’t touch the keyboard till you have the clearest form of idea on your paper in black and white.

2. Be comfortable, choose the best spot you can afford

Sometimes ideas spark when you’re having your morning coffee or having dinner with your date. At the same time, you can train your mind to be creative when you’re ready. Let yourself know you’re ready for ideas to flow. Be at the most comfortable place you can afford to. Let it be anywhere, it’ll be a train for someone and office for another. Make sure you’re comfortable.

3. Be ready to brain map

There are a lot of software to map your brain. They’re designed to dump your brain onto a digital platform. But let it be your brain this time, map your brain accordingly. Categorize your thoughts in your head and focus on your thoughts. Only then you’ll be able to choose the right one from a million touch points in your brain.

“Quality content is subjective, good writing is constant”

4. Let there be music

Because music is good. It’s personal, but I don’t think there’s a writer who hates music. Let it be anything that could ease your mind. The music should do the job of making your brain focus on the problem here, which is quality. And for sure, it’ll isolate your mind from any other distractions you could have.

5. If you’re still not there, just walk

If you’ve tried everything you can to gain concentration and have a quality brain tracking and you’re not there yet, get out and start walking. Walk through the pavements, listen to the buzzing sound of traffic and let your thoughts be free for some time. And loop back to the first step again. You’ll feel the difference.

So there you have it. The perfect cheat sheet for quality content. Happy writing !!

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