Write effectively using these 4 techniques

Proactive notifications are good. But not always. We live in a world where we’re filled with notifications and we have no idea how much time they’re taking from us.

Especially when you sit down to write, notifications will fall down on you as a curse. All the distractions are something that takes away your ninja mode. There’s an alternative way around. These tools will help you find your flow and stay in it.

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The most common misconceptions about online writing

Ten years back, the choices were minimal and only limited knowledge. But today, with 51% of penetration by the internet into the world population, the situation has changed. The people consuming online content has increased. And the content industry is facing a boom in itself. With this boom, the quality of content consumed by the world population is a major concern.

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The ultimate cheat sheet on quality content

The internet has become a marketplace rather than a communication channel. Without exception, every possible business is flooding the world wide web with content. It’s inevitable to be in business and have no content strategy if you’re living in 2017. We’re in a stage where we can’t believe everything we read. Even the most trusted media has to be scrutinized before we start believing what they publish.

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